The China Pavilion


One of the main pavilions of the International Horticultural Expo is the China Pavilion, which combines static display with dynamic interpretation according to the exhibition concept of “Living and Splendid China”, matches physical flower art with virtual artistic conception, pursues the long history of Chinese horticulture, watches the brilliant masterpieces of China’s horticulture, and appreciates the rhythm and vitality of mountains, rivers, forests, fields and lakes. It focuses on Chinese ecological culture with horticulture as the carrier, gathers the achievements of horticultural industry, ecological civilization construction in 31 provinces and municipalities of China and the frontier achievements explored by scientific research institutes, displaying the flower arrangement art of China’s intangible cultural heritage, creating a display platform for the development achievements of China’s horticultural industry and high-tech achievements, creating a demonstration window for the beautiful achievements of China’s construction in the new era, and building China’s horticultural ecological culture inheritance and innovation of communication space.

The exhibition area of the China Pavilion is 15,000 square meters, which is divided into four major exhibition areas, including China’s ecological and cultural exhibition area, China’s provincial and municipal horticultural industry achievement exhibition area, China’s horticultural universities and scientific research institutions’ scientific research achievements exhibition area, and China’s intangible cultural heritage flower arrangement art exhibition area.

effect map of the building scheme of the China Pavilion

sketch map of the exhibition area distribution of the China Pavilion

The exhibition area of China’s eco-cultural exhibition area is 3,500 square meters, with horticulture as the carrier, and is arranged in turn around “Tian Di Ren He”, “Hui Feng He Chang”, “Shan Shui He Ming”, “Xiang He Yi Ju”, and “Harmony and Coexistence”.

The exhibition area of China’s provincial and municipal horticultural industry achievement exhibition area is 8590 square meters. In the provincial and municipal exhibition areas, the characteristics of horticultural history and culture, development of horticultural industry, innovation of horticultural science and technology and construction of ecological civilization will be displayed.

The exhibition area of China’s horticultural hi-tech achievements exhibition area is 1130 square meters, mainly for domestic universities and scientific research institutes related to horticulture. It gathers scientific and technological achievements of Chinese original horticultural industry representing the leading international level, demonstrates technological achievements of green development closely related to people’s life, creates opportunities and conditions for promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promotes the independent innovation ability of horticultural industry. Driven by research and development innovation, we advocate green development mode and lifestyle.

The exhibition area of flower arrangement art exhibition area of China’s intangible cultural heritage is 1780 square meters, which is divided into three parts: flower recognition, flower appreciation and flower tasting. Through flowers and vases, ancient books, calligraphy and paintings, and custom-made devices for flower viewing, the charm of traditional flower arranging art of China’s intangible cultural heritage is displayed to the public, the classic works of Chinese traditional flower arranging, the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture are displayed, and the national spirit of Chinese flower arranging art is promoted.