China Mobile Provides the International Horticultural Expo with 5G Services in 2019


Strengthen Network Construction and Builda High-Speed  International Horticultural Expo


In the fenced area ofthe 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo(BIHE), several mobile 2G base stations, 4G base stations and 5G base stations are planned. According to the forecast of thevisitors’ flow, the scale of mobile network in the fenced area can meet the demand of 100,000 people per day, and 250,000 people per day when the visitors reach a peak, and more than 50,000 users can access the Internet at the same time. At present, China Mobile has carried out network emergency deployment. Emergency vehicles can be set up around China Pavilion, International Pavilion and Life Experience Pavilion at any time to fully guarantee all communication needs in thePark.

Provide all-around services,demonstrate awarm-hearted BIHE

During the BIHE, China Mobile will continue to adhere to the service concept of “takingcustomers asitsroot”, and will provide two supporting schemes, namely, fast access and special and intimate service. We will set up a special service guarantee chair in the Park to provide exclusive services for staff,visitors and important customers from all over theworld, set up special interface persons and set up a green channel for visiting customers’ communication problems. According to thevisitors’ characteristics, international users are provided with services such as rentingcell phones, short-term access number, passport access number processing, domestic users are provided with mobile services such as remote payment, reimbursement card, etc. 10086 hotline provides 7*24 hours of business consultation and processing to solvevisitors’ worries in an all-round way, and professional teams are set up for on-site coordination of logistics and security.

Make a 5G Exhibition to Showa smart BIHE

In order to enhance the public’s awareness of the characteristics of 5G network (large broadband, low latency, interconnection of all things), highlight China’s 5G innovative strength and serve the security protection and application of the BIHE Park, China Mobile will display 5G technology achievements in the Park in view of the technical characteristics of 5G and three application scenarios, with professional receptionists and crisis response teams at the exhibition booth, and special persons are also set up for VIP customers and media. The exhibition items are: 5G game, 5G holographic communication, 5G smart city, 5G networked UAV.

1.5G games: In the cloud game mode, all games are running on the server side. On the client side, the user’s game equipment does not need any high-end processors and graphics cards. The games that thevisitors can experience on the spot include FIFA18, NBA2017, Assassin Creed, Biochemical Crisis, Final Fantasy 12, Superior Flying Car 20, Tomb Raider and so on.


2.5G holographic communication:The future 5G holographic communication experienceissimulated. After capturing and expressing the characters by high-definition camera, the virtual image can synchronize the movement of the characters. At the same time, the sound acquisition device can be set up to simulate the on-site conversation with the guests.


3. Smart 5G City:Through the sand table and large screen, the use of 5G network in the futuresmartcity scenariosis simulated, to provide thevisitors with live experience. Visitorscan operate pad control, watch large screen, combine with dynamic sand table to reflect the “data management”, “vehicle-road coordination”, “intelligent security”, “environmental awareness” and other major scenarios of 5G smart city application scenarios.


4.5G networks UAV: The panoramic picture taken by UAV outside thePark and the non-real-time captured video information superimposed by VR layers are played by splicing screen. Outdoor hovering UAVs can show visitors the view of theBIHE from the UAV perspective. Cruise UAVs can interact with visitors to take photos along the route, and set up a UAV to provide a remote viewing entrance to the network, so as to realize the live broadcasting of the panoramic video of thePark and exhibition area taken by UAVs on the Internet.


China Mobile will closely focus on the theme of “Green Life, Beautiful Home”, integrate 5G communication innovation technology into theBIHE, serveit, let science and technology change life, and help achieve the goal of “new paradigm of ecological civilization in the new realm ofinternatinal horticulture”.