A Miraculous Forest of Light and Shadow


The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo(the Expo)is the “Olympic Games” in the field of horticulture.How to innovate and demonstrate science,technology,culture and horticulture is an indispensable issue.A miraculous forest of light and shadow emerges at the historic moment.

The forest integrates AR technology,artificial intelligence technology,virtual vision technology,human-computer interaction technology,new media technology,and combines with traditional Chinese cultureThe Classic of Mountains and Seas to create a fantastic world full of imagination.The forestcombines day and night,and is dividedinto “SunDreamland” and “MoonDreamland”.

During the day,visitors can download“Sun Dreamland”,which will create for users a miraculous forest of light and shadow AR landscape based on AR and virtual vision technology.Userscanfind and participate in the experience through mobile phones.A garden that looks ordinary in the daytime will help you experience unexpected encounters……

In the evening,with the resurrection of the gods and beasts in theClassic ofMountains and Seas,the mountains andwaters also become smart.Visitors candownload the application of “Moon Dreamland”and interact with the fantastic world. Users here will encounter the white deer,which symbolizes luck,and can ask the white deer to realize their wishes; they will encounter the legendary animals,which will bring them to different scenes. Through the support of human-computer interaction technology and artificial intelligence technology,visitors will experience the flow of their own energy here.The morevisitors there are,the brighter and more colorful the lights will bein the forest.

The miraculous forest of light and shadow combines technology and culture,day and night,scenic area and family, online and offline, real and virtual sceneries, and a variety of human-computer interaction designs,which support each other in experience.It forms an innovative demonstration in the mode of science,technologyl and culture tourism,and brings rich and colorful surprising experience tovisitors.